Fast Acting & Long Lasting Pain Relief Cream.

Tell your Toughest Pain to Hit the Road!


Stiff Mother Trucker Pain Relief Cream, when applied as directed, helps to stimulate the body’s natural functions to reduce pain and inflammation with our signature blend of all-natural ingredients. By reducing inflammation and increasing blood flow your body can rapidly increase the process of healing and lessen the initial and lingering effects of discomfort.

Road Tested, Trucker Approved

Our 100% natural formula is paraben-free, gluten-free, sulfate-free, and artificial dye-free. All the junk you don’t need on your body.


Don’t let pain keep you from the open road.

Customers Love Stiff Mother Trucker!

“This pain cream lasts so long! I can’t believe after 2-3 hours I can still feel it… this is amazing”

“This smells amazing.”

“I couldn’t walk, I had so much pain. I have never had lower back pain like that before. I couldn’t bend, reach, nothing. I put on a little bit of the cream and 30 minutes later, a little more. Then 60 minutes a little more again… I could walk and I felt great. Not kidding! I could not believe it! THANK YOU for creating this!!! You need to get this product out and fast!”

“I can’t believe how fast and long it stayed active. AMAZING!”’

“This stuff = AWESOME! Used it on my knees and on my husband’s back!”

“Today, the sore muscle pain of trucking will be eliminated thanks to  Mother Trucker Yoga& her #StiffMotherTrucker pain relief cream. This stuff is AMAZING & works great.”

“This stuff really works! I’m not a paid actor, but if you have some stiffness goin on, ya gotta get ya some of this.”

“Great product! I’ve had continuous shoulder pain for almost a decade now. Stiff Mother Trucker Pain Relief Cream not only eliminated my day-to-day pain but also pain in my shoulders after working out, too! No matter if I’m relaxing after a long day of work or if I’m getting done with an exercise routine –  Stiff Mother Trucker is never far away!”

Stiff Mother Trucker has the best quality ingredients!

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Fast Acting & Long Lasting Pain Relief Cream

Tell your Toughest Pain to Hit the Road!


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