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Welcome to Mother Trucker Yoga (MTY) and STIFF Mother Trucker’s Affiliate! program. Our simple program will earn you a 15% commission on every sale referred to us FROM YOU! You are here because you love our product and just found you we want to reward for sharing!

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How it Works

Make money by referring other customers to Mother Trucker Yoga and STIFF Mother Trucker!

Every time you refer a customer to us and that customer makes a purchase through our online store (MTY and SMT are sold in the same online store) you earn a 15% commission. We handle transaction processing, fulfillment, and customer service. We want to make it easy for you to become a Mother Trucker Yoga and STIFF Mother Trucker affiliate.

We provide you with all the tools you need to become an affiliate. By partnering with Mother Trucker Yoga, the best place for trucker fitness and wellness and STIFF Mother Trucker, the best pain relief cream EVER CREATED, affiliates can choose to promote top products or include banners or search boxes that directly link to MTY and STIFF Mother Trucker through their blog, website, email list, and on social media.

We supply you with everything you need! You are already telling friends, family, and colleagues about our amazing product and we want to reward you for doing that!

Make money by referring retailers to STIFF Mother Trucker!

Do you know a company, boutique, truck stop, or store that STIFF Mother Trucker would look great on their shelves? We want to know about it! By referring us to a retailer you can also earn a commission of 10% off their first order.

You simply give us the current contact information: Company Name, Company Contact (buyer, manager, owner, someone in a decision making position), Contact Phone Number, Email, Website. It’s okay if you do not have all the specific information, but the more the better.

Once you have your list, reach out to us and let Hope know at [email protected] and once they place their order you get paid!

How to Get Started

Joining our affiliate program is easy and free! Simply fill out our online registration form here

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If you have any questions about our program or would like more information, please contact Hope at [email protected]