Meet Hope and Phil. Perfect strangers until a small Wisconsin town business mixer took these two from perfect strangers to overnight business partners.

Mixing both their talents and business backgrounds together, Mother Trucker Yoga® was born.

• Mother Trucker Yoga® is a simple program. Short, 3-5 minute videos, shot sight on seen, show you the trucker, EXACTLY what to do, and how to do it in your own environment.

• If you have WI-FI or internet access you’re ready to get moving!

• Mother Trucker Yoga® believes that you can “Feel Better Wherever®”, no matter your situation, no matter your environment. You can improve your health, mobility, and well-being with our simple, effective programming.

No mat yoga! No fancy moves here. We will guide you step by step through each move to ensure success from the moment you click play! All you need to do is log on!

“With 17 years in the yoga and fitness industry I’ve worked with every kind of person! From teaching teachers, presenting at conferences, working in corporate, owning a yoga studio, to working with people from 2 weeks old to 98 years old. Yoga has been my lifeline on a multitude of levels and when you work with me you get more than a yoga experience, you get a lifestyle upgrade. Yoga truly is for everyone, and like many of us, truckers are sitting all day, with limited movement, broken sleep patterns, heightened stress, and worse yet, they have limited resources available specifically to them to make the changes they know they need to make. Mother Trucker Yoga® is that solution! If someone would just take the time to teach them how to breathe, sit correctly and incorporate little movements multiple times a day, it all adds up and makes a difference!”

Hope Zvara

“When the road is a person’s home, truckers need access to better movement mechanics, more attention to mental health, and more opportunities to help them live a more fulfilling lifestyle, and we have created just that with Mother Trucker Yoga®!”

Phil Knuckey

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