Mother Trucker Yoga isn’t fancy.

Simple, easy moves target a trucker’s biggest concerns, sneaking in much-needed stress relief, breathing and enhanced sleeping opportunities.

Stiff Mother Trucker Pain Relief Cream for Truck Drivers

Join our movement and
Feel better, wherever today!

Mother Trucker Yoga® is the
ONLY fitness movement
designed specifically for
a trucker-like lifestyle.

Yoga + Trucking
= Sweet Gear


We get it! Who has time to work out, drive to & from class,  then remember what you did to successfully replicate it at home? You’ve found your solution! 

Mother Trucker Yoga Online Studio

• 3-5 minute, short, fun and effective videos.

• Directly pinpoint ALL your aches and pains associated with long-term sitting and driving.

• Solution-based movements for instant relief and long-term success.

• Yoga made accessible to the average person and focusing on where it counts.

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With proper lifestyle choices, these drivers can reduce their disease and risk and increase their life expectancy and quality of life.”

Steward Levy
President and founder of Health Promotion Solutions

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