Our patent-pending trucker camo™ design makes for the perfect trucker t-shirt that makes a head-turning statement.
Whether you are a truck driver, you love trucks, or you love camo, we’ve got you covered!

Turn heads and make a statement everywhere you go with our Trucker Camo™ T-Shirts.

Trucker Camo™ Hot Pink V-Neck Women’s Cut T-Shirt $25.00

Trucker Camo Hot Pink V-Neck T-Shirt

Trucker Camo™ Army Green Unisex/Mens Cut T-Shirt $25.00

Trucker Camo Army Green Unisex T-Shirt

Trucker Camo™ Hot Pink Unisex Cut T-Shirt $25.00

Trucker Camo Hot Pink Unisex Tee

High-Quality Jersey Material Made For A Driver‘s Rugged Needs. Who Ever Said Being A Professional Driver Meant You Can’t Look Good?

Trucker Camo™ Hot Pink Trucker Hat $25.00

Trucker Camo™ Hot Pink Trucker Hat

Trucker Camo™ Army Green Trucker Hat $25.00

Trucker Camo™ Army Green Trucker Hat

Trucker Camo™ Hot Pink 64 oz Travel Water Bottle $20.00

Trucker Camo™ Amry Green 64 oz Travel Water Bottle $20.00

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Our head-turning Trucker Camo™ Patent-Pending Deisgn Will Get Turning Heads Everywhere You Go

  • Custom Made T-Shirts

  • Trademarked One-Of-A-Kind Patent-Pending Design

  • Support A Company Dedicated To Imporving Truck Driver Health & Wellness Standards

Stop buying cheap, poor quality t-shirts that don’t hold up to your needs and style!

It’s time you dress it up and show your truckin’ pride!?
Trucker Camo for the win!

Mother Trucker Yoga’s Trucker Camo T-Shirts are a patent-pending design with the professional driver in mind. Our high-quality professional jersey fabric makes for a vibrant, eye-catching design and a unique clothing item to wear. Dress our t-shirts up or down for a great memorable look.

Our T-shirts can be washed, tumble-dried, or air-dried (preferred).

The women’s V-Neck is a body-shaping cut made specifically for women, and our flattering V-Neck cut makes it perfect for every woman’s body. Sizing small to 3xl, unlike other t-shirt companies, we accommodate all body types.

The Unisex t-shirt comes in two color patent-pending designs, hot pink and army green. Enjoy sizes small – 5xl to meet all body shapes and sizes.

Note to viewers, onlookers and buyers. Our designs and brand name, “trucker camo,” are patent-pending and trademarked; duplication or forgery is strictly prohibited.

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