Dr. Joseph Dugger, M.D. – One Life: Taking Trucking Wellness a Gear Higher

Hey there, trucking friends! Let’s discuss a fantastic healthcare professional driving positive change in your industry. Meet Dr. Joseph Dugger, your go-to board-certified family physician with sports medicine and weight loss medication expertise. At One Life, Dr. Dugger wholeheartedly supports truck drivers, focusing on comprehensive wellness and health care beyond just sick care.

This is different from your traditional telehealth offerin’. Welcome to Dr. Dugger’s approach, which is tailored exclusively for you—our hardworking trucking community.

Direct Primary Care: All-Aboard Accessible Healthcare

Dr. Dugger ain’t just your ordinary healthcare provider. He’s committed to delivering extraordinary care to the trucking community by embracing the Direct Primary Care model. This means that you, as trucking professionals, have round-the-clock direct access to his medical expertise, addressing up to 90% of your healthcare needs while potentially saving you a pretty penny.

Buckle Up for True Wellness on the Road

Dr. Dugger believes in taking care of your health from the get-go instead of merely chasin’ symptoms around. He understands the unique challenges of your trucking lifestyle and designs preventive care strategies and early intervention plans to keep you on track.

We’re talkin’ about careful attention given to managing chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease, all common threats in the trucking world.

Quality Care, Minus the Detours

Now, this is different from telehealth the way you’ve learned it. Instead, Dr. Dugger offers Direct Primary Care that is ideal for the trucking lifestyle. Critical services like digital X-rays, EKGs, and medically supervised weight loss are integrated, enabling you to focus on driving while staying happy and healthy.

Trust Dr. Dugger with your health needs and discover the potential of hitching a ride with proper healthcare designed for truckers like you. At One Life, we ride shotgun with our trucking family and provide exceptional care to keep you on the road to natural wellness.

Let’s start our journey with Dr. Dugger at One Life!

TOGETHER, let’s create a new lane in trucking wellness—one healthier mile at a time.