You are not alone.

5 Minutes to Fit™ Core Toning and Strengthening Program was developed out of need. After nearly 20 years of working with individuals just like you whose yoga and gym-style traditional fitness programs have failed them. Pulling from functional fitness training, core functional anatomy training, and dozens of hours studying yoga, movement, massage, fascia, and the pelvic floor, Hope developed a method that works.

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Can we say sit-ups SUCK! I mean, they DON’T work, and they AREN’T effective. So unless you are a mechanic and you spend all your time on your back, it’s time your core fitness gets up off the floor.

And even after all those sit-ups, people just like you are still struggling with things like back pain, incontinence (ahem peeing your pants), and troubles with lower belly toning and overall core strength.

From personal trainers to fitness instructors, yoga teachers, and even physical therapists, these teachers are still defaulting to traditional core strengthening exercises, and I’m here to tell you there is a better way.

During a certification on women’s pelvic floor health, one of the physical therapists noted that they had only one class on pelvic floor health and that none of what we learned in that course was taught through their college degree. So it’s time we update how we look at the human body, and let’s start by how we look at and move with our core.


Our core is the most central part of our body. Everything feeds into the core. Our arms and legs are extensions of our core, yet no one is REALLY explaining how to access and use it properly.

And when you do core work ONLY on your back, you leave your back muscles vulnerable to injury, and if you spend all your time sitting, the last thing you should be doing are moves that encourage tightness in the hips, shortening of the front torso and a ton of neck strain and pain.

Furthermore, when you look at your core as separate from the rest of your body, you lose out on full-body movements. Everything is a core move when done correctly. But some moves are more powerful and effective than others.


5 Minutes to Fit™ Core Toning & Strengthening is a simple program with moves you can feel that take just a minute to do. And in 5 minutes, you have the most effective core exercise routine to do every single day.

And if you are spending time exercising or working out, EVERY MOVE YOU DO should focus on helping you move more in your everyday life (and looking good never hurt either).

As a driver spends their time on the road, sitting all day, you don’t have time to find a gym or yoga class, and you shouldn’t have to.

After a long day, you are tired, but recognize that you need to do something for your body or you won’t have one soon to do what you love.

You don’t need 60 minutes, not even 30 minutes; all you need is just 5 minutes a day to build a strong, healthy, toned core.



It starts with teaching you where your core is.

  • Where each muscle is so there is no confusion about where your core is located.

  • Clarity on what it feels like to use your core muscles correctly.

  • A complete breakdown of each of the exercises so you can do these with and without the video.

  • How to decrease back pain through core strengthening.

  • Where your pelvic floor is and how to tone it to minimize pelvic floor incontinence.

  • How breathing plays a role in core fitness and how you can use your core every day while driving.

  • The HOW’s, WHY’s, and WHEN’s to each move so you are never confused or lost throughout the program.


Inside 5 Minutes to Fit™ Core Toning & Strengthening Program, you get:

  • Lifetime access to the video library for each exercise

  • Lifetime access to mini-workouts incorporating the exercises you will learn

  • The option to purchase our program with our mini ball so you will have everything you need to get started

  • The use of our program from any electronic device through our website or app.

5 Minutes to Fit™ Core Toning & Strengthening Program specifically focuses on helping you tone and strengthen your core 408% more effectively than traditional core work.

That’s 10x better than what you are currently doing. And in WAY LESS TIME. Yes, I said 5 minutes, and I mean 5 minutes. That’s all you need. Anyone who tells you different hasn’t taken this program or worked with Mother Trucker yoga® yet.

Plus, with the moves and mini exercise series, you will learn what you can easily do in the morning before going for the day, on a break, or once you park for the night. So time is no longer a barrier to reaching your fitness goals. 

Hope has spent nearly two decades studying, understanding, and learning from the best in the movement industry to develop this simple program just for you. 

“You should be able to instantly feel your core muscles (all of them) when you are doing core exercise, and they shouldn’t be the complicaed or outdated moves so many are still teaching. There is a better way, and I intend to teach it to you.”

Hope Zvara

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