Trucker Health Tips from Mother Trucker Yoga®

Improved Posture: A Truck Driver's Secret Weapon Against Back Pain

Introduction Back pain is an extremely common issue for truck drivers. Studies estimate up to 70% of truck drivers suffer from chronic lower back pain. This is not surprising given the long hours spent sitting, exposure to whole-body vibration,…

4 Mental Health Tips For Working Men

Research reveals how stress and mental health issues manifest differently in men in the workplace. Of course, for most men, it’s all about pushing through each day, regardless of their mental health state. But that only leads to bottling of…

Discover the Mind-Body Benefits of Yoga for Truck Drivers

Introduction Truck driving is an undeniably demanding job both physically and mentally. Long hours on the road, irregular schedules, tight deadlines, and a sedentary lifestyle take their toll. This is why practices like yoga, with its emphasis…

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