Welcome to a New Lane in Trucking Wellness

Are you a trucking company owner?

  • Sick and tired of high healthcare costs?
  • Lack of personalization on your plans?
  • The disconnect between healthcare and wellness programs?
  • The constant hiking costs of health care services?
  • The continual revolving door with your drivers due to ill-met needs of your current health care and wellness programs?

Are you a driver?

  • Frustrated with the lack of personalization with your health visits?
  • The joke telehealth has become?
  • The disconnect between health care and wellness support?
  • The feeling like you are just a number in the big world of healthcare management?
  • Never an opportunity to discuss your meds with a designated pharmacist who knows you?

Too many so-called healthcare professionals and healthcare companies are exploiting the patient to make a dollar, and we are putting an end to that.

We are not in the business of “treating” drivers and their healthcare needs. We are in the business of finding solutions and curing so our patients can get off meds off devices and return to living life again.

Our Goal:

  • Diagnosis
  • Create a plan
  • Get you off meds and treatments as fast as possible
  • Get you back to your best self, living life on your terms

We’re ecstatic to announce a transformative collaboration between One Life, Pharm Care360, and Mother Trucker Yoga®, envisaged to deliver unprecedented health and wellness solutions to the trucking community.

Where the patient is at the center of care in all we do.

This triage of health and wellness is the first of its kind, and we are bringing it to you first. 

Together, we promise a seamless fusion of Direct Primary Care and advanced virtual healthcare solutions, delivering a personalized, all-encompassing wellness approach that covers all your needs under one roof. Join us on this unique journey towards holistic well-being explicitly tailored for you.