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world suicide prevention day mother trucker yoga blog

World Suicide Prevention Day: 6 Strategies to Improve Driver Mental Wellness

Everyone talks about mental health, and unfortunately, the term "mental health" has a more negative connotation than positive. After talking with dozens of people from various backgrounds, most felt the time "mental health" felt there was something…
Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe MTY

Healthy Soft and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sometimes you just need a sweet treat. And when you are over the road there are a lot of sweet treats you can choose from the moment you step inside the truck stop. The problem with the food selections at truckstops is that it is heavily…
Truck Driver Health: Guided Meditations for A Happy Mind

Truck Driver Health: Guided Meditations for A Happy Mind

A happy, healthy mind is critical to a driver's well-being in truck driver health. The high amount of stress drivers have to deal with day in and day out is often normalized by the industry and never taken seriously. Telling a driver to "exercise"…
How To Deal With A Vehicle Accident: Helpful Tips For New Drivers Mother Trucker yoga Blog

How To Deal With A Vehicle Accident: Helpful Tips For New Drivers

What do you do when your vehicle gets into an accident? Knowing the best course of action can be challenging, whether it's a fender bender or more serious. Here are some helpful tips that will keep you safe and protect your vehicle. Stay Calm…
Easy to pack healthy snacks for truck drivers Mother Trucker Yoga Blog Post

Easy to Pack Healthy Snacks for Truck Drivers

Healthy snacks for truck drivers that are easy to pack! Packing your own travel snacks as a driver can be a challenge when it comes to things like storage space, food spoilage, and not to mention where to replace the yummy delicious snacks…
good stess bad stress blog post MTY

Good Stress, Bad Stress and How to Manage It

How to manage stress is not something we are "taught". But everyday life can be stressful. Good stress, bad stress. Stress, stress STRESS. It's everywhere.  Job demands, relationships, life events, and social media drama are daily occurrences.…
4 Things Your Trucking Corporate Wellness Program Needs to Have: Mother Trucker Yoga Blog

4 Things Your Trucking Corporate Wellness Program Needs to Have

Corporate wellness is not only essential for the trucking industry, it's what can help change it for the better! Without truck drivers, where would our economy be? And those drivers need well-maintained trucks to get where they need to go.…
Mobile Meals Made healthy Healthy Trucker Food Shrimp and Grits Mother Trucker Yoga Blog

Mobile Meals Made Healthy: Shrimp and Grits

Welcome to Mobile Meals Made Healthy! Healthy trucker food doesn't have to be complicated, expensive, or a figment of your imagination. Many drivers feel married to the truckstop food options, leaving them little to no wiggle room when it…
the Missing link in a safety check mother trucker yoga blog

The Missing Link In A Safety Check

More trucking companies are tuning in to incorporate a driver wellness program for their truck drivers and other employees as a means to improving their bottom line and attracting and keeping hold of drivers for the long haul. But what to do…



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