Trucker Health & Fitness Tips From Mother Trucker Yoga

Navigating the Parking Predicament: The Urgent Need for the Truck Parking Safety Improvement Act

The lifeblood of American commerce, truck drivers, are the unsung heroes of the highway, working tirelessly to deliver goods across the nation. But beneath their relentless drive lies a challenge that is seldom discussed yet deeply affects their…

Finding the Right Fitness Buddy: The Power of Accountability for Truck Drivers

Introduction Truck drivers lead a uniquely challenging lifestyle when it comes to maintaining physical fitness and overall health. Long hours on the road, lack of regular exercise, easy access to fast food, and disrupted sleep patterns all…

Steering Clear of Urinary Tract Issues: Health Advice for Truck Drivers

Long hours on the road can be tough, not just on your schedule but on your health too. A recent study highlighted in BJU International points toward a concern many truck drivers might not have on their radar: the impact of excessive sitting…

Portable Fitness Gear: The New Trucker's Companion

Introduction Truck driving is often a sedentary occupation, with long hours spent sitting behind the wheel. This makes it challenging for truckers to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle. Yet the health risks of a sedentary job are well-known…

Empowering Women in Trucking: A Journey Toward Policy Impact and Wellness

In the historically male-dominated field of trucking, women have been making significant strides, not just in numbers but in influence and leadership. A recent gathering of female trucking leaders with top Washington policymakers underscored…

Hope Zvara Joins the American Trucking Association's Women In Motion Board of Directors

In a remarkable stride towards her mission of making a positive impact on driver health, wellness, and fitness, Hope Zvara, the founding spirit behind Mother Trucker Yoga, has recently joined the American Trucking Association's Women In Motion…



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