Hope Zvara Joins the American Trucking Association’s Women In Motion Board of Directors

In a remarkable stride towards her mission of making a positive impact on driver health, wellness, and fitness, Hope Zvara, the founding spirit behind Mother Trucker Yoga, has recently joined the American Trucking Association’s Women In Motion Board of Directors and the sub-committee for Programs Development. This appointment is an opportunity for Hope to extend her vision, drive her initiatives, and build industry relationships within these three key areas of focus:

  1. Cultivating a safe and productive workplace
  2. Alleviating financial barriers to engaging in the industry
  3. Safeguarding vital routes to entrepreneurship

As a board characterized by advocacy, industry improvement, and connection, Women In Motion is a fitting platform for Hope’s continual efforts to enhance the trucking industry’s wellness approach.

Hope’s enthusiasm for her expanded role is palpable. She sees this as an exciting stage in the Mother Trucker Yoga journey and a unique opportunity to welcome more individuals, women and men alike, into the dynamic world of trucking.

In her capacity on the board, Hope will also focus on pressing issues such as the Trucker Bathroom Access At (H.R. 3869). She firmly believes this matter deserves urgent attention and is essential to the driver’s dignity and health. The lack of proper bathroom access can lead to a myriad of health problems, such as urinary tract infections (UTIs), dehydration, mental fog, sleep issues, and cramping.

Hope voices her commitment, stating, “The Trucker Bathroom Access Act (H.R. 3869) is about human decency. Allowing drivers access to facilities isn’t an unreasonable request. It’s a matter that we can address and needs to be resolved. I’m excited to lend my voice to this and other significant issues currently faced by our truckers.”

Her dedication to drivers, her unmatched expertise in wellness, and her unwavering commitment to making change happen will undoubtedly bring essential perspectives and inspiring leadership to Women In Motion’s Board. The trucking industry is set to benefit greatly from Hope’s appointment, as she continues to tirelessly push boundaries and use her influence to foster better health, wellness, and industry practices for everyone involved in the critical work of trucking.

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