Long Distance Relationship Gadgets For Those On the Road

It is no secret that being away for extended periods can be challenging every once in a while. Although for most truckers and their families, it is something they are used to, and those at home can hold it down for long stretches at a time – sometimes it feels like a text in the morning isn’t enough. 


Although your complete focus should be on the road at all times, here are a few gadgets and devices that can help make some tough times a little more manageable. Wellness extends beyond what exercises you are doing and what foods you are eating, and it extends directly to your relationships and how you focus on that part of your life. 


6 Ideas for Long Distance Relationship Gadgets For Those On the Road

Laptop & Devices to Improve Communications

You could sub a laptop out for a mobile phone, but you’ve got a bigger screen to work with then you want to make FaceTime calls and see everyone in the same frame! Even older models will be able to give you a clear enough picture for you to see the people you love the most. Before you head out with it on the road, make sure that you know it is in good working order and fix up things like the battery draining. Connection is key, and loneliness is a big issue among drivers. Set yourself up for success by prioritizing communication with loved ones. Prearrange times to talk and ensure you have devices that can help you communicate easily. Wellness extends far beyond food and relationships often are the basis that dictates how you feel. 


Bracelets to Feel Connected

One of the big things that couples miss when one of them is out on the road is, of course, the closeness. Now, bracelets can send messages and little vibration motions to let the other wearer know you are thinking of them. 


They are a super cute option when it is hard to pick up the phone and talk for a while. And can often set the tone for those who matter in your life. If you leave a loved one behind, are you doing all you can to let them know you care? 


Slimmer and more inconspicuous options vibrate in time to the beat of your partner’s heart – they have to be paired to work, though. For this one, you can customize the color of each touch so you can talk to your partner throughout the day without needing to say a word. 


Lamps Bring a New Light 

Long Distance Friendship Lamps became prominent in the last few years when people couldn’t get together as often as they might like. One person will have the lamp, and the other will have the controls on their mobile phone. Make communication more meaningful with fun, innovative memorable devices like a lamp.

You can select the color and the brightness of the lamp or change the color when thinking of them. 

This one is great for those who have younger children at home and want to say goodnight without interrupting their routine too much. Plus, these fun lamps don’t just have to be for your spouse; consider these rings as a fun option for your kids as well, to help them feel connected. 


Heartbeat Ring To Stay Connected

Bracelets are one thing, but rings are perfect if you like your jewelry a little more on the inconspicuous side. The heartbeat rings are based on the legend of Vena Amoris, or the Vein of Love, like most wedding rings. However, they take it a little further than that, and you can feel the heartbeat of your significant other any time you like with these rings. 


You’ll need to set them up with an app on your phone, but after that, all it takes is a double tap on the ring to let you feel your partner’s heartbeat. 


The ring translates the other person’s heartbeat into lights and light vibration. 


Communication for Life

Not everyone is excellent with verbal communication, which can make the time apart trickier – even for those who are used to it. Texting is more commonplace than ever before, but a couple of apps are designed with long-distance relationships in mind. Never underestimate the notion that your loved ones want to hear from you and vice versa. 


Between is an app that can send messages, videos, cute emojis, track anniversaries, and more – all in a private space. It’s a lot like texting but a little bit cuter. How do you communicate with your loved ones? Is it a priority? Is it easy? It might be time to update how you communicate with those in your life who matter most. 


The Apple Watch 

If you have a MacBook and an iPhone, then an apple watch is next in line – but they can be great for sharing. If your partner is traveling at the same time you are on the road, you can quickly set up their clock on the watch so you can see what time it is with them. 


There are heartbeat features, meaning you can send your heartbeat to them when you have time. 


Spending time apart is a good idea for all couples – because, as they say, distance can make the heart grow fonder. But there are times when the distance feels more than usual, and that can be pretty tough on the people at home – and you, the person who is away. But plenty of gadgets can help you communicate with your family, and even put a night light lamp on for your kid in any color you choose! 


Communication and being around the person at home and the person out on their own can strengthen your relationship. 


Working on your relationship is always essential; here are some tips for reconnection after the time apart: How to Strengthen Your Bond with Your Spouse After a Long Time on the Road – Mother Trucker Yoga

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