• Finally a driver fitness and truck driver health challenge made for a driver just like you! 
  • Are you ready? 
  • Have you signed up?
  • Do you have your calendar marked?

Have you heard the news? Mother Trucker Yoga and St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund have teamed up again for our 2nd annual Going the Distance Truck Driver Fitness and Health Challenge. And it’s going to be better than ever!

So much of what is out there when it comes to health and fitness is driven by being the fittest, and best, but that only allows for 1% of its participants to reach the goal. What about everyone else?

That is why Going the Distance Driver Fitness & Health Challenge was created so that the other 99% of participants (drivers) can win.


Your Health is OUR Focus!

 After nearly 20 years (more than 1/2 my life) working in health, fitness, mindset, and recovery both on my own journey and helping others whether you are a truck driver, a school teacher, or a stay-at-home parent there was one thing I noticed we all had in common. Our perception of health and how we achieve it was all twisted up and backward.

For years I struggled with my own health physically and mentally and nearly took my life because of it. And after clawing my way out of a knee-deep addiction I found yoga. It wasn’t the poses that brought me full circle, but rather what being in the poses taught me about myself, my mind, my thoughts, my actions, or lack thereof. I believe that 99% of what we do is not based on what others say or don’t say, it’s not based on our job or circumstances. Because we all hear rise-up stories all the time. What we do and what we achieve is based on what is going on inside. And I know firsthand how murky those waters can be. And I’ve figured it out.

Truck Driver Fitness cannot be achieved for the 99% of us through crazy hard exercises.

Truck Driver Fitness cannot be achieved for the 99% of us through unrealistic meal plans and food prep.

Truck Driver Fitness cannot be achieved for the 99% of us through this all-or-nothing mentality.


Your health, your fitness can be achieved through small simple changes. And we are here with Going the Distance Challenge to get you there!


We will focus on 5 aspects of your health during this 5-week challenge!



It is a COMPLETION CHALLENGE. Each person who stays engaged in the challenge for the full month is a winner and will receive prizes from various sponsors. That means each week drivers will be given goals to reach. Simple. powerful goals that when implemented correctly will make a huge and lasting impact on their truck driver’s health and fitness lives. These “goals” are set up to ensure you succeed. They are not elaborate, complicated, and surely not expensive. If you can commit to a few minutes a day and one task a week you are ready for this challenge.

It is a Two-Part Challenge.

The first part consists of a short 5-day challenge. This first week is to show us you are committed. This challenge is 100% free that means Julie from SFC and myself (Hope here) are showing up powerfully for you every single day in return we want you to do the same. Sounds fair right?

Every day Monday through Friday, Julie or Hope will go LIVE at 9 am CST to discuss an aspect of our weekly topic and give you your task for the week/day.

Our daily lives this year will be hosted inside Mother Trucker Yoga’s Facebook group: Accelerate Your Health with Mother Trucker Yoga

We will give you strategies for how to achieve those goals and tasks and at the end of the week drivers will have to fill out a survey to show you are committed. SIMPLE RIGHT!?

And don’t worry, those lives will be turned into an email form for those who cannot make it to the LIVE video training.

Everyone who completes the 5-day challenge is eligible to move on to the second part of the challenge. Where the remaining 4 weeks will run the same, except each week will be focusing on a different health and fitness topic so you never feel overwhelmed, lost, or confused about what you should be doing!


That next week, the remaining 4-weeks of the challenge begins,  or rather the “Challenge begins”.

In order to be a part of the challenge, you must actively participate and fill out the end-of-the-week evaluations to “actively stay in the challenge” and qualify for prizes.


Our Facebook group Accelerate Your Health with Mother Trucker Yoga is where the videos will be live each day and where drivers will post comments, ask questions, and post progress. Simply joining the group will not make you eligible to win any of the prizes. You must also fill out the registration form.

Once you sign up using our form on this page, you will receive an email as it gets closer to our challenge beginning with details on how to get started!


If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired I want to welcome you to join us! Tell your friends, tell your boss, tell your entire fleet!

Together we can do this!

We can change the image of trucking health for good. And it all starts with some small change!

Are you in?

Going the Distance Trucker Challenge

This means you finally get the beginning steps you have been looking for to improve your health and fitness as a driver. You get to be surrounded by other drivers just like you who are interested in improving their health. And you get expert guidance from someone who has been there, having mapped out a path that has worked for others drivers.

All you have to do is say YES!

We can’t wait to meet you when the truck driver fitness challenge – Going the Distance begins on Aug 30th! The only thing standing in your way is the conversation inside your head RIGHT NOW telling you to do it or not.

We hope you say YES!