Staying Positive while Trucking: 3 Major Keys to keeping a positive attitude while on the road

Staying Positive while Trucking

There are many benefits to having a positive mindset as a trucker and overall driver. No matter if you are a trucker, long work commuter or traveling with your family in an RV across the country, it is imperative to incorporate healthy trucker practices and packing healthy trucker food before hitting the open road. The three major areas to consider are your diet, sleep schedule and stress levels. All three areas would benefit the most if consulted with your doctor.

Diet should be measured both behind the wheel and throughout your entire day. Once you and your doctor have solidified what works best for your health needs, do your part by incorporating vital meals in your diet. Those fast-food spots are tempting on the road! You can smell the fries through the window. Unfortunately, your body will drain in energy as fast as it took to crave those places. Packing healthy trucker food like almonds, veggie chips, sparkling water instead of soda, and of course, fruits and vegetables will not only provide energy, but it will also curb your appetite to crave more whole foods promoting good health. Hydration for truck driver health is another avenue to explore when discussing dieting. Frankly, water is ESSENTIAL, and truckers should intake it consistently.

 How does this help keep you positive? You surely won’t be “hangry,” which is safe for both you and other drivers around you. Taking control of your diet with and packing healthy trucker foods and planned meal preps will build confidence allowing for positive mindsets.

Sleep Schedules are critical when considering keeping a positive attitude while driving. Even if you are driving short distances, being tired behind the wheel is highly detrimental. For the safety of you and other drivers, implement a sleeping schedule. This may involve training your body to be at rest. Canceling distractions while resting, such as phones, TVs, games, and even conversation, is helpful to achieve restful nights. Prioritizing a sleep schedule on your off days or before planning a long trip will be essential to keeping a positive mindset.

Practices such as hot tea, reading, doing light trucking fitness, or trucking yoga can help bring your body to rest (while also reducing stress, which we will discuss more). Check Out this Simplified reader’s guide on extensive trucker yoga that will provide longevity to your overall health and encourage positive attitudes; Trucking Yoga Trucker Fitness Guidebook. 

Stress Levels are important to monitor as a trucker. The primary key to keeping a positive attitude is to focus primarily outside of the truck. Understanding your stress levels and what triggers them is helpful. As mentioned, a doctor’s perspective is most recommended when wanting to understand a detailed strategy to approach unique stress levels. So basically, it starts with knowing yourself.

Isolation is something to monitor. Do not isolate yourself when your stress level is high. Engaging in communities that practice driver fitness and some specific to truck driver fitness will help build a supportive community and lower stress levels. Pain Relief will significantly help reduce stress levels. Take advantage of truck stop essentials like this pain relief cream now available at Love’s. Stiff Mother Trucker Pain Relief Cream – Mother Trucker Yoga (we have rebranded to Road Relief Wellness Aches & Pains Cream). This fast-acting and long-lasting pain relief cream can be incorporated into your trucking health practices to reduce those inevitable aches that accompany driving long distances. Less pain equals a lower stress level resulting in strength and positive mentalities. 

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