High Blood Pressure- foods to avoid for better health

High Blood Pressure- foods to avoid for better health

In most cases, the causes underlying high blood pressure remain unknown, but what we do know is that it affects roughly 50% of the American population’s health, and amongst those are truck drivers. High blood pressure is a concerning truck driver health issue, and this blog is specially curated to help you combat the risks of high blood pressure in your truck driver’s health.

There is a relation between the nutrition you intake and your blood pressure. Weight gain can result in high blood pressure, whereas weight loss can reduce blood pressure. Similarly, some foods increase blood pressure, and some decrease blood pressure. Without further ado, let’s look into foods to avoid for better health!

4 types of food to avoid for better health with high blood pressure

  1. Sodium

Sodium is a mineral that occurs naturally in most foods. Salt is the main source of sodium intake in our bodies. While sodium has its benefits, it is harmful as it easily raises blood pressure. When you have plenty of sodium in your bloodstream, your body starts holding in water to neutralize the ratio, and this causes stress on your heart and blood vessels, thus increasing your blood pressure. 

To put it simply, avoid food with high salt concentrations if you want the best truck driver health. Check-in with your practitioner for sodium substitutes, always read nutrition and content tables, and buy products that are “sodium-free, “low sodium” or “unsalted.” Similarly, purchase sodium-free herbs and seasoning mixes.

Here are some foods that are rich in sodium: condiments, snack foods (pretzels, popcorn, peanuts, chips), pickled or marinated food in brine. Ensure to stay far away from them!

  1. Canned, frozen, and processed food

These foods are top offenders when it comes to high blood pressure. While manufacturing this type of food, an array of preservatives and sodium products are added, which can immediately cause truck driver health issues. So in case you find yourself craving soup, try to make it yourself instead of opting for the canned ones. 

Some examples of canned, processed, and frozen food items include meat, sausage, ham, canned soups, dried soup mixes, and boxed mixes.

  1. Alcohol

Having small amounts of alcohol can reduce blood pressure, but if that volume is turned up a few dials, you will cause yourself a spike in your blood pressure. Habitual drinking can cause worse problems and can take you to a doctor’s office if not cared for immediately. 

  1. Fast food

If you’ve been paying attention to health news, you know fast food is a terrible idea. Not only is it generally discouraged from consuming fast food other than the occasional here and there, but it will also be harmful to any truck driver’s health if they deal with high blood pressure. 

Fast food causes high cholesterol, which also increases your blood pressure, so beware, the temptation is not worth the price you will pay.


We have gathered a list of foods that can’t be your friend while you battle high blood pressure. The net components of these cause rather harmful effects on your overall health, and if you want to remove high blood pressure from your list of truck driver health issues, then follow the guidelines we have provided in this blog and avoid these foods for better health. On that note, safe eating and good truck driver health!

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