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Whether you’re in the middle of a long flight or stuck in traffic on your way to work, it’s easy to feel like there are no opportunities for exercise. But if you’re smart about how you use your time, there are plenty of ways to get in a quick workout—even if it involves no more than standing up from your desk. Here are six simple exercises that can be done anywhere:

Abdominal Plank.

  • Start in a standing forward bend, and walk your hands out to a Plank Position OR start on all fours and lift your knees up off the ground.
  • Place your wrists under your shoulders and press your hands wide and flat.
  • Press up through your arms and broaden your upper back without rounding.
  • Pull your belly in and tip your front hip bones into your lower belly.
  • Zip your thighs together and press up through your thighs.
  • Hold this position for 30 seconds first, then work up to 60 seconds as it becomes easier over time!
  • As an option drop to your knees or drop to your forearms.

Cherry Picking

Cherry picking is a cardio exercise that can be done on the go. It involves using your body weight to perform various exercises, including squats and lunges.

Cherry picking is excellent because it’s easy to do anywhere – even if there’s not much room in your hotel room or hostel dormitory! Cherry-picking has been known to help people who suffer from anxiety feel more at ease when traveling by giving them something productive and helpful to focus on during their trip.

Here are some examples of cherry-picking exercises:

  • Stand and alternate, reaching each arm up overhead, and as you do, slightly sideband and reach heel to hand. Then alternate opposite sides.
  • Add a reaching overhead aspect to a lunge, squat, or even try it in a chair for an easy jumpstart to heart-healthy exercise.
    Play with the pacing of the move to bring more of a cardiovascular component.

You should also try doing several other movements like jumping jacks or burpees! These will give you an intense cardio workout without requiring any equipment whatsoever!

Walking Lunges.

This exercise is a great way to get your heart rate up. It’s also an excellent way to stretch the legs after sitting for a long time, so try this one if you’re on an airplane or train.

Stand with your feet together and take a big step forward. Bend both knees and lower your body towards the floor while keeping your arms straight at the sides or raised above your head (depending on ability level). Push yourself back up to the starting position, then repeat ten times on each leg.

Chair Squat.

A chair squat is an effective way to work your glutes and legs.

Sun Salutations.

Sun Salutations are an excellent way to warm up your body and get your blood flowing. You can do it at home, work, or even in the car. The Sun Salutation is a great way to start your day!

You can still get a good workout on the road!

You can still get a good workout on the road!

You don’t need any equipment, and you don’t need to be a gym member. These exercises are good for your heart, so they’re perfect for people who travel often.


We believe it’s the small simple changes that lead to the big results in life, so you can feel good again. If you’re looking for more, check out our other articles about fitness and exercise!

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