7 Easy Trucker Workout Tips to Stay in Shape Just About Anywhere

7 Easy Trucker Workout Tips to Stay in Shape Just About Anywhere

As a truck driver, you spend hours in a seat. You are far away from home, which means that your health becomes neglected in the process. But we have good news! We have easy trucker workout tips to stay in shape just about anywhere. So, if you’re looking for easy trucker workouts that don’t require too much, this is for you.

How To Stay in Shape with Easy Trucker Workout Tips 

  1. Keep Healthy Snacks on Hand

Some of the best quick snacks are fresh fruit, crunchy veggies, nuts, seeds, dark chocolate chips, and popcorn (read the ingredients label because popcorn can be packed with artificial ingredients and tons of butter). And pre packaged those snacks in baggies to help create portion control. There’s a lot that you can keep with you on your travels. Even a pack of nuts to munch on is a great idea!

      2. Take Advantage of Your Surroundings

Being on the go means an excellent opportunity to see the country. When you add an easy trucker workout to this equation, you can get out and experience more of this beautiful landscape. Walk the parking lot, or laps around your rig and burn excess calories from unhealthy meals. Add hand weights to the walk, and you can get even more bang for your time spent. And the next time you are parked at a TA Petro make sure you check to see if it’s a location that has designated walking trails. 

       3. Carry Easy Workout Equipment

We can’t ignore portable workout equipment if we’re discussing easy trucker workout tips to stay in shape just about anywhere. Resistance bands and dumbbells are easily transportable and can make for an excellent personal workout whenever you’re not working. And don’t forget about simple things like a mini massage gun, massage balls, and even a travel foam roller, all can be great additions to your fitness on-the-go tools bag. 

      4. Trucking Yoga 

Yoga is one of the oldest workout practices that build strength and stamina and stretches your body. And the yoga we practice at Mother Trucker Yoga is specifically designed for the driver on the go. Easy moves that take just minutes a day and focus on a driver’s biggest pain points while addressing the mental stresses, sleep concerns, and overall level of happiness we should feel in life. Yoga can address it all. Trucking yoga is yoga designed for truck drivers and to accommodate their needs. What more can you ask for from an easy trucker workout? Drivers don’t always have the time and resources, and that is why Hope wrote the book Trucking Yoga Simple Fitness for the Long Haul, showing drivers more than 60 stretches, exercises, and relaxation techniques they can do right from the cab of the truck so that they get rid of pain fast and start moving again. 

      5. Sleep On Time

Having a healthy sleep cycle has a trickle-down effect on your overall health. Studies have shown that people who sleep eight hours a day have improved moods, improved digestion, and a much more productive day than people who have disturbed sleep cycles. But getting that full night’s sleep can be hard for a trucker. So focus on the quality of sleep. 

Switch off devices 15 to 30 minutes before bed to help your brain relax, don’t eat heavy meals right before bedtime, and if you do need to, choose protein-rich foods, consider adding relaxing music to your bedtime routine, and breathing exercises to help relax the body and nervous system.

      6. Exercise While Driving

There are many ways to exercise, some of which can be done while you drive. Look into some exercises you can do from your car seat when you feel like your body has stiffened. Moves like pelvic tilts, shoulder rolls, ankle rolls, twisting, and even lifting one leg off the seat can help activate your core muscles. When you are stuck behind the wheel, simple trucking workout exercises like these make all the difference. 

     7. 15 Minutes A Day

The key to effective results is consistency, and you can bring consistency to your trucker health by including 15 minutes of workout each day. The 15 Minute Wellness Method™ is something Mother Trucker Yoga® created to help drivers uncomplicate the fitness initiative and make it less scary and easier to implement into their busy lives. 

This can be meditation, cardio exercises, jogging, or even trucking yoga. The choice is yours, but remember to allot 15 minutes each day. And that time can be broken down into five-minute intervals, and with just one or two moves at a time, you will have added a boost to your day with more movement, which you will benefit from time and time again. That is just a straightforward way to add an easy trucker workout to stay in shape just about anywhere.

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