Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2022 Free Truck Driver Health Challenge


With Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2022, September 11th through the 17th, 2022, we want to celebrate.

Trucker Appreciation Week 2022 Free Challenge!

Mother Trucker Yoga has teamed up with St. Christopher’s Trucker Relief Fund for a FREE Health Challenge again this year!

Driver mental health is at an all-time high for truck drivers’ health issues and needs more attention.

Because drivers spend 90% of their day alone and often coupled with erratic work and sleep schedules, a focus on mental wellness is much needed.

Hope Zvara from Mother Trucker Yoga and Julie Dillon from St. Christopher’s Trucker Relief Fund have teamed up again to bring drivers a 5-Day FREE Challenge called Brain Breaks.

Brain Breaks 5-Day Challenge Brings You 5 Ways to Feel Great!

Do you feel like your brain never shuts off? Do you struggle to get to sleep?

Feel stuck in “fight or flight” mode?

We will discuss ways to reduce those stress levels and give the brain a daily reset.

What is Brain Breaks?

Brain Breaks is a FREE 5-day Challenge to help drivers learn simple, easy-to-implement strategies to feel their best no matter what the day brings.

What this means is every driver can feel good no matter what.


Please register below to participate in this FREE week-long program in honor of you, the professional driver!

After registering, be sure to join the Facebook group.

This is where the live sessions will be at 9:00 am CT each day, Monday-Friday, September 12-16th.


Our Trucker Appreciation Week Brain Breaks Focus Will Be:

September 12th-#MondayMovement how to use movement to give your brain a much-needed break.

September 13th-#TuneInTuesday how the power of sound and music can curb any mood.

September 14th-#WisdomWednesday using the ancient practices of breathwork and meditation to improve mood, clarity, and focus.

September 15th-#ThinkAboutItThursday see how using simple visualization techniques can help you see life more positively and help you feel more confident in all you do.

September 16th-#FoodieFriday find out how food plays a role in how you feel and what foods to eat to give your brain the fuel it needs to be at its best.

How to Sign Up: