3 Valid Reasons To Take Your Driving Posture Seriously

Posture plays a significant role in driving, and unless done right, you risk adding on to the 59% of truckers living with lower back pains. According to research, two out of every three truck drivers will experience spinal injuries at some point. This makes it critical to learn why good posture is necessary. In response to the rising cases of lower back pains among drivers in the US, hospitals and alternative care centers make it a priority to help persons living with this problem get relief. Below are some ways your driving posture affects your road fitness and truck driver workout.

  1. To Maintain Normal Spine Curvature.

3 Valid Reasons To Take Your Driving Posture Seriously Blog

The human spine has three natural curves, with each playing a vital function in the body. Sitting upright without feeling any tension or pressure in any of the three normal spine curvatures behind the wheel is crucial. Unfortunately, it is an occupational risk that most drivers tend to deal with quite too often. After long hours of sitting to drive, your back automatically endures compression. However, knowing this information is critical to help you remain mindful of your back.

Usually, when an unnatural curvature gradually sets in, truckers may find it challenging to maintain their regular driving hours. So, persons who attempt it can experience almost debilitating pain that may require the attention of chiropractors. Therefore, to avoid acute or chronic lower back pain, you can consider investing in a good seat with ample back support to enhance your driving posture.

2. Oxygen Increase

When you slouch to drive, the lungs and diaphragm cannot receive enough oxygen. Medical research has also proven that you could be risking a 30% reduction in your oxygen intake. This means that your blood cells need to contend with the minimal supply, consequently causing premature fatigue. Furthermore, your brain may also be at risk, and you may experience a sudden blackout. This happens because it lacks adequate oxygen to maintain cognitive functions and processes on the road. You may also experience blurry vision, increased heart rate, and confusion. However, in sharp contradiction, keeping a good driving posture on the road helps your lungs expand to their total capacity. You breathe more accessible, with enough room for the diaphragm to function as it should. In essence, adequate oxygen gives more energy and increases mental focus as you drive.

3. Efficient Movement of Upper and Lower Limbs

3 valid reasons to take your driving posture seriously mother trucker ygoa blog drivers seat


A healthy spine aids the body to move freely without pain or restrictions to the limbs, and this is not just about your truck driver workout; this is about you moving more in your everyday life. When you’re behind the wheel, your arms and legs coordinate to keep the vehicle going. With a good driving posture, you tend to feel flexibility in both shoulders and arms which can help you drive farther longer with less pain. That enables you to negotiate curves on the road without muscle restriction or tension.


On the other hand, a bad posture limits movement and increases friction between the natural spaces in the spine. Consequently, you may feel sharp pains when attempting to flex your arms or legs while driving. This happens because of the several nerves jutting out of the spine and connecting to the limbs.

It is worth noting that your joints, bones, and muscles tend to perform better when you adopt good posture. That has a roll-on effect on your breathing, vision, and cognitive functions. You don’t need to implement a typical truck driver workout to improve your fitness and health. Our suggestion first is to get moving more in your day-to-day life. Move your body- any way you can, you can’t go wrong. There is no wrong way. The only wrong way to move initially is choosing not to move at all. 

4 Quick and Simple Exercises with the Good-N-Tight Ratchet Strap Tightening Handle 

4 Quick and Simple Exercises with the Good-N-Tight Ratchet Strap Tightening Handle 

When you are a truck driver, time is of the essence. And either you have a lot of time, or you have none. But there are moments throughout your day where you can sneak in a few quick moves to help you feel better, wherever you are with your Good-N-Tight Ratched Strap Tightening Handle handy. The Good-N-Tight is amazing when you don’t want to throw out your shoulder or back tieing down a load and gives you three times the leverage. And as my husband always says, “work smarter not harder”. This is one tool you definitely want to get and have handy anytime you need to use a ratchet strap.

But this blog isn’t about how to use this tool for securing your load. It’s about how to double down and use this tool to help you feel better, whenever you are with small simple moves you can do it anytime, anywhere. These four simple moves are perfect for those in-between moments when to help reduce stiffness, bring a little energy back into your body, stretch, and strengthen so you don’t throw your back out getting in and out of the truck (it happens).

Here are 4 Quick and Simple Moves You Can Do With The Good-N-Tight:

  • Good-N-Tight Oblique Side Bend 

This is a great move to help tone your waist and both stretch and strengthen your lower back, hips, and obliques. 

  • Step your feet wider than hips-width apart. 
  • Point your toes forward and square your hips.
  • With your Good-N-Tight in hand reach your arms up overhead. 
  • Relax your shoulders down and soften your front rib cage down as well. 
  • Take a deep breath in and gently slide your hips to the right as you lean your upper body and arms to the left. 
  • Press your arms straight and reach through the Good-N-Tight, like you were to stamp it on the wall next to you. 


  • Hold this for 5 breaths, and on the exhale come back to center and repeat the opposite side. 


  • Inhale press your hips to the right and tip your upper body and arms to the left. 
  • Exhale return to center, pulling your hips back first and your upper body to sit on top. 
  • Repeat the opposite side: Inhale to lean, exhale to return. 
  • 5-10 times on each side. 

Oblique Stretch Tightening Handle

  • Good-N-Tight Triceps Stretch 

This is a wonderful stretch to combat all that drive time opening your chest, toning your upper back, and releasing your shoulders. 

  • Standing tall grab the Good-N-Tight with your right hand and extend your arm up overhead. 
  • Bend your top elbow and tuck your hand behind your head, laying the Good-N-Tight down your spine. 
  • Roll the top tricep inward towards your head, turning your triceps to face forward (this may be difficult, especially if your shoulders are tight or bulky).
  • Tuck your left hand behind you to grab the bottom of the Good-N-Tight and work to roll your left shoulder open, feeling the shoulder blade press inward towards the spine. 
  • Stand even taller and breathe calmly for 5 to 10 breaths. 
  • Repeat the opposite side. 

Good-N-Tight 1 Minute Moves Tricep Stretch - Mother Trucker Yoga Blog

  • Good-N-Tight Chest Expander

Slouching, leaning, hunching, driving, and carrying often leave our body hunched forward and frozen in place. This quick move gives your body a break and counterposes all that rounding forward. Breathe easy and feel your chest, pecs, and shoulders open as your core gets a little wake-up call. 

Standing tall with your feet at a comfortable distance grab your Good-N-Tight.

Tuck your hands behind you and grab hold of either side of your new exercise equipment. 

Roll your shoulders in towards your spine as you drop them down away from your neck. 

Inhale drive your hips and pelvis forward as you pull your arms down and back. 

Gently look up and stretch! 

Hold this for 5 breaths, and repeat 3 to 5 times. 

Chest Expander Good-N-Tight Mother Trucker Yoga Blog

  • Good-N-Tight Calf Stretch 

Your calf is the hydraulic pump for your lower body to get blood flow back up the heart. Restricted calves inhibit the calf to do its job, making the heart have to work harder. Tight calves also cause knee and back pain. Let’s give the body some relief with a quick stretch! 

  • Place the Good-N-Tight on the ground.
  • Standing tall, place the ball of one foot up on the lip of your new exercise equipment, keeping your heel on the ground. 
  • Square your hips and slowly inch your free foot forward until you feel a stretch in your calf. 
  • Stand even taller and press down into your stretching heel as you hold the stretch for 5 to 10 breaths.
    Repeat the opposite side and do this stretch 1-3 times each day. 

Calf Stretch Good-N-Tight Mother Trucker Yoga BLog

Pushing yourself in a quick workout is important, but you should never allow yourself to just sit there because you think you need fancy equipment. Make sure you’re choosing quality over quantity. And look around your truck, what do you have laying around. What could be multi-purpose? And remember instead of thinking you need all sorts of crazy fitness in your life, think movement, where can I get more movement in? Along with your new Good-N-Tight moves get out and walk for an added boost to your body, mind, and spirit. Happy moving!

This blog post is in partnership with Bud and Tony’s Truck Parts! Bud and Tony are on a mission to give back to the trucking community and by teaming up with Mother Trucker Yoga, they are doing it, one move at a time. Check out more about Bud and Tony over on their site:

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