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Meals on Wheels: Truckers Best Breakfast

Truckers Best Breakfast: Meals on Wheels.

But I think you and I both know that stopping at a truck stop on any given day you won’t always find the best breakfast. You might not ever find the best breakfast.

This is a struggle many truckers feel on a daily basis. But yet are almost forced to choose what their over night accommodations have to offer. And we aren’t talking the Super 8.

High sugar, high fat, high carb options fill the aisles, hot cases, along side the attached restaurants for a quick grab and go restaurant. And although these options are a quick grab, the quick surprise is the pounds, blood sugar levels and crashes that go with these unhealthy food options.

Now don’t get me wrong. A sweet treat once in a while won’t kill anyone. But when this is your wake up and go breakfast every single morning, you may find yourself in a situation that far surpasses an I-80 traffic jam.

So what’s a mother trucken’ road master to do for breakfast?

Well on my latest show: A Daily Dose of Hope on Chrome and Steel Radio I had Naturopathic Doctor Jeff Essen of Whole Life Clinic on and we discussed diabetes and also the struggle of eating healthy while out on the road. And what drivers could do to make a shift in the right direction starting with breakfast.

His suggestion was a simple, yet powerful- change what you eat for breakfast.

And what should you, the driver eat for breakfast?

The Italian flag.

I had never heard this methodology. In all my years learning about the body, wellness and my own food journey. Eating the Italian flag for breakfast was a new approach to a breakfast on the go.

He laid it out simply: Breakfast can be simple and easy and yes even done up while on the road in an eighteen wheeler.

Italian Flag Breakfast Shaker:

  1.  1 Scoop WHITE – Pea Protein
  2.  1 Scoop GREEN – Powdered Greens
  3.  1 Scoop RED – Powdered Reds
  4.  Mix with Water
  5.  Optional – Ice

Eat the Italian Flag for Breakfast


The key is to not over think what you should eat. And if you can simplify things what’s not to love.

But WHY eat the Italian flag? Well, as Dr. Essen put it giving your body a great kick start to the day is essential. And getting a good source of protein (he suggests pea protein, but if you decided otherwise know your sources). And many people simply do not get enough greens in their diet which aid in digestion and boost energy levels. The reds serve as a boost for your antioxidant levels. And unless you have super powers to fight disease, and boost your immune system, reds are essential.

I know changing your breakfast might feel overwhelming. And before you make any change it can be helpful to know where you are starting from. Keeping a food journal can be helpful to figure all of that out. Check out 5 Reasons Truckers Need to Keep a Food and Fitness Journal Blog to help.

And when you are ready to make a change, the only thing you have to lose is the weight, stress, and dis-ease your body is currently feeling. Plus, with a simple shaker you can travel with everything you need for a great meal on the go.

Here’s to a great breakfast on the go.



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