Benefits of Yoga for Truckers

Yoga for Truckers: 60 Benefits

Yoga for Truckers: 60 Benefits.

Yoga has been around for more than 5,000 years, but yoga has transformed into many things over the last decade.

So what is yoga?

Yoga to some is exercise and stretching.

Yoga to others is quiet time, and relaxation.

And to others yoga looks like a contortion practice that they will never be able to achieve.  


To me, yoga is a lifestyle. An opportunity to get quite, move your body, and listen something I believe many of us are lacking and craving in this overstimulated world.

For the average trucker, who couldn’t use a little time to stretch, relax and decompress?

Let’s not over think the opportunity yoga has to offer you. While out on the road, movement can be limited and stress can be high. So yoga could be a natural solution to both. Time to decompress and breath all the while stretching and meeting some of the daily movement requirements the body requires.

Mother Trucker Yoga isn’t fancy yoga. And it’s no where complicated. Mother Trucker Yoga is simple easy moves that directly target a truckers biggest concerns while sneaking in some much needed stress relief, breathing and enhanced sleeping opportunities.

Because honestly, who out there doesn’t want to feel at least a little better than they currently do. What if 3-5 minutes could make all the difference. And when you do it regularly imagine how you could feel then?

Yoga for Truckers - Warrior II

60 Benefits of Yoga for Truckers:

  1.   Yoga improves flexibility
  2.   Yoga strengthens muscles, conditioning us from arthritis and back pain
  3.   Yoga realigns the spine & help to distribute weight evenly
  4.   Yoga moves all 300 joints
  5.   Yoga helps to keep your spinal disks supple giving them the nutrients they need.
  6.   Yoga offers natural weight-bearing exercise, increasing bone density
  7.   Yoga gets your blood flowing, getting more oxygen to your cells and helps boost hemoglobin & red blood cells.
  8.   Yoga increases the drainage of lymph, helping to destroy & fight cancerous cells
  9.   Yoga gets your heart rate up lowering the risk of heart disease
  10.   Yoga gets you breathing
  11.   Yoga lowers blood pressure
  12.   Yoga lowers cortisol levels, helping with long term memory, also fighting depression
  13.   Yoga helps to burn calories
  14.   Yoga gets you to become more conscious of your being: eating, social, presence
  15.   Yoga lowers blood sugar & LDL & boosts HDL (“good” cholesterol)  
  16.   Yoga improves coordination, reaction time, memory and even IQ
  17.   Yoga helps you to relax, shifting from the sympathetic to the parasympathetic nervous system
  18.   Yoga increases body awareness
  19.   Yoga reduces chronic tension, muscle fatigue, soreness in the wrists, arms, shoulders, neck & face.
  20.   Yoga becomes a way to cope with the business of life
  21.   Yoga improve immune function
  22.   Yoga helps to expand lung function and breathing capacity above the normal 18%
  23.   Yoga & and meditation help to build awareness
  24.   Yoga helps to reduce anger and replaces it with compassion
  25.   Yoga helps to change self-image
  26.  Yoga helps you stand and sit a bit taller
  27.   Yoga can assist you in breaking free from dependencies in life and addictions
  28.   Yoga releases emotional tensions
  29.   Yoga helps one break away from the ego
  30.   Yoga naturally lubricates joint
  31.   Yoga increases the recovery rate of the body
  32.   Yoga reduces the effects of aging
  33.   Yoga increases coordination
  34.   Yoga is an effective ways to cope with stress
  35.   Yoga improves endurance
  36.   Yoga teaches you nothing is impossible and everything is attainable at some level
  37.   Yoga helps to warm the extremities
  38.   Yoga increases heat that can then kill bacteria in the body
  39.   Yoga normalizes and stimulates endocrine glands (thyroid) activity by compression & decompression of the neck)
  40.   Yoga increases the serotonin to the brain lifting your mood
  41.   Yoga teaches you how to build and attain goals
  42.  Yoga invites what is unconscious to the surface so it can be integrated into conscious awareness
  43.   Yoga helps create self-love
  44.   Yoga horks on all 700 muscles: strengthening, stretching, toning
  45.   Yoga helps regulates hormonal activity
  46.   Yoga assists your meditation practice
  47.   Yoga can teach us how to act without judgment & help us to truly flourish in life
  48.   Yoga helps reduces the risks of heart disease
  49.   Yoga stimulates the organs of elimination, promoting regular bowel movements
  50.  Nervous system is toned an the lumbar nerve plexus is stimulated, promoting overall vitality of the kidneys and reproductive organs
  51.   Yoga can be a natural way to reduce and eliminate bloating, abdominal discomfort and fatigue
  52.   Yoga releases shoulder tension
  53.   Yoga teaches body awareness
  54.   Yoga promotes self-discipline, only you know if you are challenging yourself or not
  55.   Yoga refreshes blood flow to the brain refreshing our thinking process and mental attitudes
  56.   Yoga helps to regulate menstruation, reducing pain, discomfort & mood fluctuation  
  57.   Yoga helps assist women through the transition into menopause naturally and easily
  58.   Yoga teaches contentment
  59.   Yoga can be practiced anywhere
  60.  Finally, yoga is about you a practice ultimately created by you, for you and to benefit you-a lifestyle approach

Don’t be shy about considering adding a little yoga into your life. Because Mother Trucker Yoga wants you to keep on trucking. And one of the best ways you can keep on trucking, is with a little (Mother Trucker) yoga in your life!

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