6 Self-Care Solutions for Busy Periods

6 Self-Care Solutions for Busy Periods mother trucker yoga blog cover image

As much as you love the trucking lifestyle, there are times when things feel overwhelming. This is usually during the busiest periods of the year when you’re expected to make long-haul shipments for as long as you can manage – and often even longer. 

6 Self-Care Solutions for Busy Periods  mother trucker yoga blog gabriel santos


Yet, this is arguably not the best attitude to have. For the inexperienced, it can quickly become too much. But, you’re a professional, and you’ll get to your destination if it’s the last thing you do. As much as your shipment is necessary, so is your health, which is why self-care is still vital, even during busy periods. 

Find Time to Exercise 

Finding time to exercise can be impossible if you’re on the road all day. You have a destination to reach, so you can’t take an hour off searching for a gym in one of the many small towns you travel through. 


But, waiting until you arrive at your destination isn’t ideal, either. You’re too tired and would much rather rest your weary bones. You can find other ways to exercise, mini yoga stretching sessions, and even just a few moves can make all the difference in your truck driver health. You can fit these moves in when you park for the day or first thing in the morning. It can be tricky to establish a routine, but once you do, you’ll feel much better. 


Learn to Switch Your Brain Off At Night 

Driving all day is exhausting, and most truckers don’t have a problem switching their brains off. But just because most truckers don’t doesn’t mean they all enjoy the luxury of a good night’s sleep. 


Failing to get enough sleep can be highly dangerous for you and others on the road. When it comes to taking care of your mental health on the street, everyone worth listening to recommends getting plenty of sleep, and this is only possible if you turn your brain off. Use something mindless or de-stressing to send you to sleep, and you’ll wake up refreshed. That de-stressing action can be reading a book, going for a walk, stretching, or even a few minutes of television can be helpful. Ensure you don’t overdo it on the electronics before bed, as they can leave you awake and make sleep even harder.


Get Concerns Looked At

Everyone will encounter health issues during their lifetime, but busy periods can make it difficult for truckers to see a doctor and focus on truck driver health. They might hope it isn’t severe and can get it looked at when they get back home, but that isn’t always possible. 


If you have health issues, attend to them as quickly as possible. A professional opinion can ease your stress, and the doctor can recommend treatment. You’re on the road; it’s easier to seek convenient solutions, such as scalp psoriasis natural remedies, rather than a long-term treatment that could disrupt your job. 


Accept When You Need a Break 

Too many truckers continue to drive even when they know they shouldn’t. This puts everyone at risk and can affect many more people than you initially expected. If you do not accept that you need a break, you should not be behind the wheel. 


The last thing you want to do is crash, so knowing that you need to stop, even if to stretch your legs and drink a coffee, will help you take better care of yourself. Many people don’t recognize the signs of burnout before it’s too late, so keep an eye on how you feel and take steps to prevent any severe issues.


Replace Your Bad Habits 

The cliche of smoking truckers is well known. Being on the road all day is dull, and smoking can help make the days go by faster. But, this is still no excuse to continue bad habits. 


Quitting smoking or other bad habits can be challenging, especially as they are so ingrained in your daily routine that it’s otherwise pretty uneventful. Many drivers use smoking to fill the downtime and to feel like they are doing something during those long hours on the road. Consider finding ways to replace bad habits with healthy alternatives, and give yourself a solid foundation to improve your self-care. Things like chewing gum, singing, deep breathing, and consider changing what you reach for the moment you wake up. If it’s a cigarette or vape pen, try to swap that action out for something positive to train your brain to reach for something else when you need that boost. 


Make Your Cabin Comfortable

You spend all day in your truck, so you may as well make it comfortable. Focusing on comfort and ergonomics can make a significant difference from your seat to your sleeping area, especially during the busiest periods of the year. 


You don’t need to master feng shui, but some cushions and supportive pillows can make plenty of difference. Once you make your cabin comfortable, everything else will fall into place, and you will find it much easier to take care of yourself no matter where the road takes you. 

Slowing Down 

You may not be able to slow down on the road, but that doesn’t mean you can’t slow down in how you treat yourself. Even the busiest periods have some downtime, so don’t ignore how effective some essential self-care can be. With yoga and a better understanding of what you need, you’ll be more productive than ever before. 

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