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Truck Driver Appreciation Week may have passed, but we still want to celebrate! And what better way than to highlight some of our road heroes. We interviewed drivers and asked them questions about their lives to help others see how amazing and hard trucking is.

It’s our truck drivers who keep our great country running strong. Many of these men and women go unnoticed, not because they aren’t important, but because what they do doesn’t live in a fancy building or doesn’t require a cap and gown.

These men and women are out on our roads, carrying all our essential and non-essential products we want and love day in and day out. And here at Mother Trucker Yoga, it’s not just trucking fitness that is important to us. It’s the men and women whom we serve.

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Meet Marc Iverson!


QUESTION 1: How long have you been driving?

Answer: 10 years


QUESTION 2: What do you love most about being a truck driver?

Answer: Free, my company, the view, and the adventures.

How awesome is that to hear, that Mark loves the company he works for! Even if you are alone all day for your job when in good company it can make all the difference. Mark drivers for the Canadian company Big Freight Systems and Kelsey Trail



2,500 – Number of truck stops in the U.S., defined by the National Association of Truck Stop Operators as anywhere with at least one shower, 15 parking spaces, and diesel fuel for sale. 6,000 – Number of locations that sell diesel fuel, but don’t have other amenities. That’s a lot of truck stops. When it comes to truck driver fitness that is a lot of park lot to cover, let’s get those steps in!


Recognition Well-Deserved!

Mark has driven over 1 million miles! Way-to-go Mark!

1 million miles mother trucker yoga blog mark iverson


If a driver averages 100,000 to 125,000 miles a year, it may take a driver from eight to 10 years to achieve a million miles.


QUESTION 3: Trucking is hard. Why do you keep on trucking?

Answer: Because it is rewarding and it is an honest day’s work. You feel like you have achieved something. My windscreen is my computer screen and I would much rather be driving on the road than sitting in an office at a desk.


QUESTION 4: What is your favorite truck stop?

Answer:  Pilot Flying J- I love the facilities and showers are great.

Pilot flying J


QUESTION 5: What do you want to say to new and upcoming drivers?

ANSWER: You will never look back. You are your own boss, you get to travel and serve country/towns and people. You are valued and are an essential driver. This is an excellent career.


QUESTION 6: What would make trucking easier for you and other drivers?

ANSWER: Automatic logs, healthier food (make sure you read our blog on healthy snacks to pack) on the road, and being more tike efficient.


QUESTION 7: What do you do, if anything, to try to stay healthy on the road?

ANSWER: Plan, stock up, try to avoid tempting truck stop food such as pizza and cinnamon buns! I make overnight oats, cereal etc.

Mark Iverson had a final thought he wanted everyone to know.

Love my job it is something I am good at and have had zero accidents in over a million miles.
Mark we are proud of you too!




What do you like most about the trucking industry?

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Mother Trucker Yoga® wants to help 1 million drivers change lanes in their health and fitness by 2031.

To get involved with Mother Trucker Yoga’s mission and help drivers just like you incorporate driver fitness into their lives.  Contact us!


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